Tennis is a lens through which Final sees the world. With an elite roster of contributors, volume 2 dives deep into the fact that Novak Djokovic doesn´t receive the same recognition as the other 2 in the Big 3. Essay by A. Pancholi. Inspired by Henri Thoreaus´ “Walden” chief editor Nic Herlofson has spent 8 nights in solitude in a schack in the Norwegian mountains, commentating the Australian Open live on TV. Former boxing champion Michael Olajide finds more similarities than differences between boxing and tennis and music professor Knut Værnes´ passion for the game is as vibrant as his fusion jazz guitar. Fashion work by Ida Fiskaa,Maria Fuhre,Jørgen Gomnæs,Afaf Ali,Alvin Santos and Marita Gladsø.
Dimension: 240mm x 340mm
Pages: 148
Innside:130 gr./m2 silk
Cover: 260 gr./m2 silk. Sandy foil. Embossed paint
Total weight 808 gr.
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